House Rules and Requirements

Respecting House Rules

At the Onen’tó:kon Healing Lodge, we strive to create a supportive and respectful environment that is conducive to healing. Throughout your treatment program we ask that you respect all house rules which are designed to:

1. Set boundaries that will promote safe and harmonious group life for everyone, and
2. To encourage individuals to develop self-discipline, a sense of responsibility and respect of oneself and of others.

OHL Administration has the authority to dismiss an individual. Behaviours that will result in dismissal are as follows:

• Using alcohol and/or other drugs during treatment;
• Purposely and consistently withdrawing oneself from any program activities in a major and significant way.
• Leaving the premises.
• Criminal offences (such as theft, threats, or physical violence);
• Any sexual activity or sexual harassment towards staff or clients.

Programs or Scheduled Activities

• Individuals must be punctual. We expect you to arrive on time for all programs and scheduled activities
• No telephone use is allowed during programming time.
• Sunglasses are not to be worn during program time.

Daily Chores

Fifteen (15) minutes of chores are carried out three (3) times a day, according to the schedule. Individuals are to keep themselves busy for the full fifteen (15) minutes.

Responsibility and Respectful Manners

• Individuals must be respectful at all times to other individuals and staff.
• Defacing, graffiti or vandalizing any of Onen’tó:kon’s property (furniture, books, etc.) is not acceptable behaviour. Individuals who deliberately break or destroy any property belonging to Onen’tó:kon Healing Lodge, must reimburse, repair or cover the replacement costs.
• Other individuals’ bedrooms are off limits.

Health and Safety

• Smoking is authorized on personal time only and restricted to the back outdoor porch. An exception is made during scheduled Alcoholics Anonymous/Narcotics Anonymous (AA/NA) Meetings where smoking is permitted at the AA entrance.
• Fire Drills are mandatory, and everyone must evacuate the building.
• Unplug all electric hair styling tools when not in use. (Curling/straightening irons, hair dryers, etc.)
• To keep our staff and clients safe, we will have Mandatory Covid Safety Protocols in place.

Outside Communications

• Outgoing calls are made using the public telephones located in the hallway near the elevator and main entrance.
• Incoming calls will be answered by a member of our staff. All messages are passed on to individuals.
• An individual’s incoming personal mail must be opened in the presence of a staff member.
• Personal devices such as cellphones and tablets will be made available at a specifically scheduled time and place.

Visitation is on the 4th and 5th week of each intake cycle. Visits take place on Sundays from 1-4pm.