Legal Information and Intake Process

Applications from the Legal or Penal System

Applications coming from the legal or penal system, require the following additional information:

   • Official legal summary of past/present sentences and charges pending.
   • Confirmation to go on supervised outings, as per his/her/their legal conditions (medical needs)
   • Available psycho-social information, including family and social background, current behaviour, etc.

The Referral Worker sends this completed Informed Consent and Participation Agreement with the other admission documents to the Intake Worker.

Intake Process

Files for admission will be considered complete ONLY once the Application and Telephone Interview are complete.

The Intake Worker confirms, in writing, the reception of the application as well as the acceptance or refusal of admittance into the Treatment Program.

After confirmation of acceptance has been sent by the Intake Worker, the Referral Worker confirms, in writing, the applicant’s attendance to the program.

Clients who apply to OHL must agree to undergo COVID-19 testing on the 1st day of their stay at OHL as well as if they develop symptoms of COVID-19.

Clients who develop COVID-19 while at OHL agree that they must either isolate in their room or may return home to isolate until they are cleared to return by public health.

Clients agree that they will inform OHL ASAP, should they develop symptoms of COVID-19 during their stay at OHL.

On Intake Monday, new individuals are asked to arrive according to their transportation schedules. They must bring documentation of a negative COVID-19 test done within 48 hours of arrival to OHL.

On arrival, COVID-19 screening, temporal temperature reading, and bag check will be done.

An Orientation session will be given on the first Tuesday morning following intake.

Outside communications:
Individuals are permitted daily phone privileges and internet access according to the weekly schedule. Due to the Pandemic Safety Protocols no visitors will be allowed for the duration of the 6 week treatment program.