Referral Process

OHL applications are received from Referral Workers or through self-referral by the clients themselves. Applications can be filled out on-line and can also be faxed. Instructions on how to return the application form to OHL can be found on the forms themselves. 

Contact us directly if you have any questions.

Go to the On-line Application Form (not available on mobile devices)

Download the Application form

All applicants must have an Indigenous Status Card issued by the Federal government of Canada.

Any phone call inquiries for application assistance are forwarded directly to OHL’s Outreach Worker or by email to OHL. The Outreach Worker will forward the application to the Intake Worker to complete the review process. The following steps are taken to complete the application review:

1. The Intake Worker receives the application, and it is reviewed to ensure all information is included, (health card must be valid). If the status card is not available, we will accept a letter of confirmation from the applicants’ Band Membership Office confirming the name, date of birth, membership, and status number.  If the Health card is unavailable, lost or expired, the client must apply for the renewal/replacement. A temporary document is acceptable while waiting for the replacement card.  The Intake Worker will ensure all questions are answered and court conditions are provided if it applies to the applicant’s legal questions.

The Medical Section must be complete with Tuberculosis test results, from at risk clients such as homeless population, northern communities, and incarcerated applicants. and medication print out from the pharmacy. Signatures are required by the client, Doctor/Nurse with dates. If the application is incomplete of missing information, the referral worker or client is contacted by phone or email to request the necessary info to complete the file.

2. Completed applications can move to the next procedure.

3. The Medical Team will consist of doctors and OHL nurses to review the file for any health issue and that all medications are documented.

4. The Mental Health Worker will review the file for Mental Health issues and medications related to mental health.

5. The Assessment Worker will review the file to set up a Telephone Assessment Interview.

6. The Clinical Team will review the files to decide on Acceptance and Intake dates.

7. The applications will be returned to the Intake Worker for preparation of all Acceptance letters & Response forms to be sent to the Referral Worker and client.

Priority is given to the completed applications within our catchment area i.e.: Kanehsatake, Kahnawake, Akwesasne and Montreal.