What To Bring

For Your Stay at the Healing Lodge

We want your stay at the Onen’tó:kon Healing Lodge to be as comfortable as possible. To ensure you have everything you need, please read the following list carefully.

Personal items to bring

• Personal Identification
• Medicare/Health Card
• Status/Beneficiary Card
• Bank/ATM/Credit Card(s)
• Parole/Probation Papers
• Calling cards for the pay phones (CiCi Quebec is recommended)
• Smokers need to bring cigarettes.
• Cell phone, laptop/tablet, bring your own charger/adaptor(s).


• Please bring clothes appropriate for the season
• Gym clothes and running shoes
• Underwear, pyjamas, nightgowns, socks, stockings, slippers and/or moccasins.
• Appropriate footwear/clothing for outdoor cultural activities.


All medication brought to the Center is to be handed in to staff and will be monitored by the Nurses.

Some prescribed medication, such as ointments, asthma medication, etc., will be handed back to the individual.

Our program does support medication assisted treatment such as Methadone and suboxone. Our medical providers will need to know ahead of time if your client will require these services. The clients providing doctor will need to send a prescription to Uniprix. Our doctor can then modify the prescriptions as needed while they are with us. When the client returns home they will leave with a good follow up as we send a discharge summary and provide follow up with their provider. Clients on Methadone will need to be already on the medication prior to their admission to our services. We are unable to initiate the Methadone here. Suboxone can be initiated here, but we can not switch a client from one medication maintenance to another.

The following items are NOT allowed

• Mouthwash with alcohol
• Clock radios
• Glue (any kind)
• Chewing tobacco, cigars, snuff.

Individuals are not permitted to leave their vehicle at the Onen’tó:kon Healing Lodge, for the duration of their stay.